Although the Park is not ruled with an iron fist, there are some basic and common sense rules to help everybody.

1. Additional Rules and Regulations may be added to this list at a later date.
2. The park owner has the final say in any discussions or matters which are deemed relevant to the caravan park.
3. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, please use and stay on the footpath. Fouling will not be tolerated and a £10 penalty will be strictly enforced.


Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the play area. This is for safety reasons. We do not accept any responsibility and families using the play area do so at their own risk.
The use of leather Casey type footballs will no longer be permitted anywhere on the park. Footballs must be of a lightweight variety. Leather footballs will be confiscated.
5. Refuse collection will take place on a Monday, except for Bank Holidays, when the collection will take place on the Tuesday. Please ensure that your refuse is in the bins provided at the collection point.
6. Duplicate keys for your caravan, and associated locks, must be lodged with the park owner.
7. A maximum speed limit of 10 mph is to be observed at all times for the safety of others.
8. The use of fire hosepipes is strictly prohibited. They are provided for emergency use only.
9. We recommend that all caravans should carry either a fire blanket or a small hand held fire extinguisher. Smoke alarms/detectors must be fitted and regularly checked.
10. Health and Safety regulation dictate that an annual gas safety check be carried out by a registered gas engineer. Any certificate issued by an unregistered gas engineer will be deemed invalid.
11. All caravan owners must carry out a basic water drain down over the closed period between 31st October and 1st March. This prevents water bursts which can be inconvenient and expensive to the caravan owner and park owner alike.
12. All plumbing and repairs are billed at £15 per hour plus VAT.
13. Caravan owners are not allowed to build or erect permanent features without gaining prior permission from the site owners e.g. brick barbecues etc.
14. If the caravan owner decides to remove their caravan from the park a charge will be incurred if the pitch is left untidy or has to be put back to its original state.
15. Please drive on the road provided. Children often play on the fields and so driving away from the road can cause an unnecessary safety risk.
16. If a dispute occurs, maybe over excessive noise etc, then please try and sort the dispute out in a civilised and courteous manner for the benefit of everybody.
17. All outdoor parties or events must come to a close before 11pm.
18. All gas bottles, regulators and change over valves MUST be purchased from the park owners. All gas must be paid for in advance before delivery can take place.
19. We sell 13kg, 18kg and 48kg gas bottles and the prices can be requested from the main office. Foreign gas bottles will be confiscated.
20. Respect for the use of the park facilities must be maintained at all times.
21. All gates around the caravan park must be closed after use.
22. All caravans must be insured through a reputable insurance company. An overwrite charge may be enforced to make sure adequate cover is in place.
23. No sub-letting or private sales to be practised. If this is discovered then your caravan will be removed from the park immediately.
24. All caravan owners are responsible for the up-keep of their pitch. Failure to do so will incur a charge of £15 per hour to clean the pitch up.
25. All caravan transactions must be dealt with through the park owners and will be subject to a commission charge (for rates please ask at the office).
26. The standard charge for removal and disposal of used caravans is £450 plus VAT.
27. All connection charges, pitch fees, commission and ground rents are non-refundable.
28. For the benefit of all parties we ask that caravan owners keep their caravan and pitch clean and tidy.
29. All unsociable behaviour is monitored by 3 written warnings. If the behaviour continues then you will be escorted from the park and given 14 days to remove your caravan.
30. Any bills not paid on time will be subject to a 5% surcharge for the first 2 weeks outstanding. Thereafter the surcharge will increase to 10% until the account is settled.
31. Children visiting the park must be in their caravans before 10pm unless supervised by an adult.
32. Please Note that NO REFUNDS are given in any way.